Annegret von Feiertag's journey into directing began after a decade-long immersion in the world of films and commercials. Her multifaceted background includes stints as a creative freelancer, art director, illustrator, and motion designer. In 2017, she ventured into creating her own style of moving pictures, starting with digital projects and music videos. Her works for record labels gained significant traction, garnering millions of views and affirming her passion for the craft.
Annegret seamlessly incorporates AI tools into her work enhancing her creative process and pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.


DRCT | The Need For Paid Pitches


The Stapler | A Tale Of Invention & Destruction


share | Gesnackt. Geholfen. Gewonnen.


Sex Beat | Call Me


POST AUSTRIA | #zusammenbringen


DINNERLY | Cave People