Manuel Werner is a versatile filmmaker known for his diverse portfolio, ranging from feature films to documentaries and music videos. With a distinct visual style that minimizes digital effects, he captivates audiences with authentic storytelling. Passionate about food and cooking, Manuel infuses his work with honest, true-to-life narratives. His talent has earned him awards from esteemed festivals like the Cannes Corporate Media Award, Global Media Award, Mobius Awards and recognition in magazines such as Shots and IDN. 
Manuel's works have been alos honored with exhibitions at esteemed institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in Milan, underscoring the universal appeal and cultural significance of his artistic vision.


McDonald's | Crispy Bacon


VICKS | Baby


People Work Food | Matttia


BOSCH | Dinner


NUTELLA | Gärtchen


Dr. Oetker | Dekor