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Tomek Kozera
Founder & Executive Producer

Tomek's mastery in video content creation goes far beyond conventional experience. He is renowned for navigating the complexities of challenging projects with unmatched skill and understanding of creators and brands needs. Esteemed accolades such as the 2022 Golden Effie for Best of Europe - Positive Change and the 2019 Silver Award in Production Excellence in Craft Audio/Video at KTR bear testament to his excellence. His influential role as a jury member at prestigious festivals like CICLOPE and KTR further emphasizes his esteemed position in the industry.
Over the past 15 years, Tomek has masterfully produced hundreds of campaigns for a diverse range of local and international brands all around the world, underscoring his unmatched skill in navigating the multifaceted world of advertising and content creation with elegance and a dedicated commitment to craftsmanship.
His extensive experience solidifies his role as a key influencer in turning creative visions into successful, impactful realities.

Marcin Borkowski
Executive Producer & Green Consultant

Marcin has established a notable presence in the advertising industry since beginning his career in 2008. Known for his unwavering focus on production, he excels in devising solutions to what many consider impossible challenges, showcasing his exceptional problem-solving abilities. His interpersonal skills enable him to build strong relationships, foster team collaboration, and lead projects to success with a blend of empathy and strategic insight.
Marcin's professional expertise extends into environmental advocacy as a certified eco-consultant, highlighting his commitment to sustainability within the film industry. This unique combination of deep industry understanding, innovative problem-solving and a commitment to sustainability positions Marcin as a multifaceted leader. 
His efforts are dedicated not only to achieving production excellence but also to cultivating a more sustainable and environmentally aware industry.